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Defective toilets causes one of the biggest headaches to train operators in the UK and doesn’t just lead to customer dissatisfaction, but will keeping a train out off service.

That’s why Schaltbau Transportation UK take the issue of toilets so seriously and have the staff and expertise to flush out any issues.

We don’t just supply Universal Access Toilets (UAT), we have the skilled staff to repair and maintain – either at our state-of-the-art facility in Milton Keynes, or at our customers locations.

At Schaltbau Transportation UK we don’t just make things, but we also create them, working hard to come up with solutions to all of your train toilet problems.

Our experience stems from having acquired Precision Custom Composite (PCC) and build on their knowledge and high profile clients.

We are striving to be that number one go to company in the UK to build, maintain and repair toilets and have the financial backing and the passion.

Work is underway on a biohazard unit at our facility in Milton Keynes which will allow us to service train operators UATs.

Our aim is to remove the headache of toilets. We offer a maintenance programme to be proactive rather than reactive.

As well as our state-of-the-art facility in Milton Keynes, the second part of our service is a man in the van approach – with our vehicles fully loaded and able to go to a train in service and fix it, it can be used the following day rather than spend weeks with a train out of service because a toilet doesn’t work.

Contact us for more information about the services we can offer when it comes to train toilets.

Adrian Marshall, VP Business Development & Innovation

“We’ve got to get better on train toilets and that’s one of the things Schaltbau insists on doing. We want to take on the issue and remove the headache from train operators.”

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