Keeping passengers comfortable with reliable air conditioning

We are experts when it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) on trains with decades of experience and a long list of satisfied high-profile clients from Bombardier through to Eurostar.

Schaltbau Transportation UK provides a range of repairs and installations, either from our state-of-the-art facility in Milton Keynes or at customer locations.

Air conditioning isn’t just important to keep passengers and staff comfortable on trains, but a failing system could lead to the train not being able to run.

Schaltbau Transportation UK’s HVAC specialists boast decades of experience, building on the experience and reputation built by Albatros – a company which was absorbed into the group.

Our services includes the maintenance of air conditioning on fitted to trains – this involves the modules being removed and taken to our facility then the compressors, filters and various other components are overhauled or replaced, then a final rolling test and finally send them back to our customers.

As well as our highly skilled staff based in the UK, we also have access to the products and expertise of our sister companies under the Schaltbau brand.

As part of our proactive work, we are developing our own products to meet Government legislation to make refrigerant gases better for the environment.

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Sean O'Brien, Project Engineer

“Working hand in hand with customers, we develop specifications that meet the desired outcomes”

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