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    Whistle-blower Scheme.
    As a publicly-traded company and global supplier in the railway and automotive industries, Schaltbau is committed to excellence, honesty, integrity and conduct in accordance with the applicable laws. The trust of our customers, business partners and employees is our most valuable asset.

    In order to maintain this trust, we strive to align our conduct with the highest business and ethical standards, applicable laws and guidelines. We have to protect and foster this trust every day anew.

    When it comes to preventing and combating harmful misconduct in the workplace, we depend on the support of every individual. This is the only way that compliance violations can be detected at an early stage, perpetrators identified, further damage prevented and jobs secured. We want to protect whistleblowers effectively and offer you a communication platform secured with the latest technology for submitting anonymous messages. In addition, the option to set up an anonymous mailbox at the end of your message allows you to actively participate in clarifying the situation.

    If you have concerns, please contact us via the link below;

    The whistleblower Portal

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