Branching out to transform urban transport for the greener

Branching out to transform urban mobility

Schaltbau Transportation UK is branching out into E-mobility – a move which will protect the environment and lead to greater efficiency.

The company has revealed plans to follow one of its group of companies – Schaltbau Refurbishment (SBRS) – in designing bespoke charging stations for electric vehicles.

SBRS has been paving the way to transform urban mobility with innovative charging infrastructure systems specially designed for electric buses.

It has proven popular in Germany with areas benefiting from the electric buses which are emission free, quiet and odourless, with the company looking to do a similar project in Venice in Italy.

Schaltbau Refurbishment can manufacture rapid chargers because it is all about downtime. If a train pulls into a station and needs to charge to go to its next point it can’t sit there for 2 or 3 hours it needs to be an instant zap and this is the solution that we’ll bring to the transportation sector. Mainly buses but also it can be imported over into rail as well.

Going Green

We are at the cusp at the moment of going electric. I’ll be driving my car and thinking ‘where is the next charging point?’. They are coming up everywhere – there are 5,000 charging points in the UK at the moment. Whether you want to or don’t want to, we’re going to go that route.

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