Opening doors to keep passengers safely on the move

We have the experts and experience to come up with the solutions when it comes to the repair, manufacturing and rebuilding of door systems for rail cars in the UK.

The Schaltbau Transportation UK team builds on the experience of Rail Door Solutions – the company we acquired in 2016 – in designing and providing installation and maintenance of all types of rail door systems.

Our team has a proven track record in maintaining doors, identifying faults in train doors, whilst at the same time designing and developing new products and installing modifications to solve problems in train door systems.

Experts in our own right, we also have access to the products and expertise of our sister company Schaltbau Bode – which has been successfully developing and manufacturing electric and pneumatic vehicle door systems for over 50 years.

It gives us further access to an extensive development department making use of successful solutions from a wide range of areas which can be innovatively applied in new situations. This ranges from the tailgate door of an automobile, to the fully networked door system in a high-speed train.

Our aim is simple – to provide failure free door systems, which transform the efficiency of trains, whilst keeping passengers safe. We do this with a fast-delivery service, reliable, ready pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation.

From our headquarters in Milton Keynes, we transport our high standards and our technical expertise to some of the leading railway operators. We understand vehicles through and through, transforming train doors for the better.

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Mike Harmer VP Sales, Projects & Operations

“The local content for us is the buzz word. Local repair, local service – we can work at your depot, or we can bring the product back here – we can repair, we can overhaul, we can supply you spares, we can provide you technical support.”

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