Melissa Lubin, Sales Coordinator

Explain your role at Schaltbau Transportation UK?

When I first started working here it was an administration role, so I was covering for the projects department dealing with all of our customers dealing with all the spares, and after a year I moved onto being a buyer – a junior buyer working alongside Mark. So we purchased all of the spares and everything for the HVAC line, anything that is within the company we buy.

It was intense. I had a lot to learn, but it was do-able for me. But now I’m moving back into the projects department as a sales coordinator, but that will be my new job that I’ll be starting. I’m looking forward to it. It’s a new challenge.

What will your new role entail?

I’ll be looking after customers, all the customers, quoting them, dealing with all their requests, face-to-face meetings with them, dealing with anything they need. That will be an interesting job for me. It’s mainly like after Martyn and Lewis go out and win business, I’ll be putting quotes together for our customers. There’s a lot to learn but I’ve kind of covered some of the work during the time I’ve been working here.

The biggest change of my new role is that I will be more customer facing. I deal with the suppliers now.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

It’s quite an interesting job because obviously we deal with trains, there’s so many different types of trains we deal with and the things we do for that industry.

I did actually come here through a friend. A friend told me about the job. That’s how I joined the company. Completely different as I didn’t work in this industry before. I worked for a company called Rockwell Automation so it was machinery but I was doing billing then.

Working here is interesting. I do enjoy working here.

Melissa Lubin, sales coordinator

“I look after our customers, dealing with all of their requests, face-to-face meetings with them and helping to solve their problems. It’s quite an interesting job because obviously we deal with trains and there are so many different types of vehicles we deal with and the things we do for the industry. I put together the quotes for our customers, but previously I was a buyer. I do enjoy working here. There is a good team.”

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